Unique shochus made at a distillery
that respects both tradition and innovation

The Yatsushiro-Shiranuigura Distillery, originally founded as the Yatsushiro Plant for Sanraku Shuzo, has been making shochu for over 70 years. This distillery was built at an ideal location for shochu-making, with an on-site well supplying subsoil water from the Kuma River, and a port nearby allowing convenient shipments of potatoes from Amakusa just across the water. Head distiller Shuichi Hashimoto states, “We can make a lot of different base spirits thanks to having both a copper still that conducts heat very well, as well stainless-steel stills. With our Hakusui Shochu, using the mineral-rich water direct from the Shirakawa River Fountainhead gives the shochu a prominent aroma and soft, mellow, and clean flavor. We offer a variety of shochus, including some that borrow some of our techniques we use for making wine, such as a shochu we ferment with wine yeast.”

Mercian Corp. Yatsushiro-Shiranuigura Distillery

Sanraku-cho 3-1, Yatsushiro-shi, Kumamoto-ken 866-0017 
TEL 0965-32-5121 FAX 0965-31-7666

Founded: 1939
Representative: Yasunori Fujita

Wheat, rice, sesame, potatoes; Water: Subsoil water from Kuma River

2016 Kumamoto Tax Office Sake Awards – Honor Prize; 2014 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition – Double Gold; 2015 International Wine & Spirits Competition – Silver; 2019 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition - Gold , Best Shochu; etc.

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